THE INDEX of Alex K. Chen aging content (THE TOME defining the future high-level narrative for solving aging)

How to age as slowly as possible

Improving/grounding your understanding of aging biology

The central/high-density questions for aging

How to train a second Laura Deming (the only Millenial to get a true Diamond Age education). And how to not get discouraged

  • What many have called my most important post - Alex K Chen's longer form thoughts
  • I will write more on this. By defining your own life path and ignoring Girardian pressures that everyone else goes through (and by catering ONLY to your strengths and getting the world to help you on your weaknesses, you can focus 100% on the aging problem AND NOT FEEL stress/depression at all. THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFEHACK OF ALL TIME). Lada has said that she feels the least stress when focusing on the problem (even though others think it’s so stressful for lada to be thinking about aging all th tiem)
  • will write more on how not to get discouraged. having a high-verbal agility mentor who understands you enough to resolve all your anxieties and make you feel super-secure is it

Ending Technological Stagnation (and making Pareto improvements to kill stupid sources of unfun inefficiency and all the stupid cognitive waste in the world from traditional institutions and Girardian mimesis)

[let’s also just say that the creators of forum software LIKE THIS and certain kinds of social media like reddit and Danielle Strachman of Thiel Fellowship have done more to solve aging than most aging researchers]

*Reconfiguring social incentives/solving the coordination problem/reducing trauma and making people happy EVEN as they solve the aging problem (will write more later)!! Also what I would do if I got access to $50 million and how to allocate people to doing what they are best at doing so they feel comfortable devoting all their time to solving the problem [a la Fable of the Dragon Tyrant]. There are so many pareto-optimal improvements we’re looking at

  • will write more on this
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And this is how I found my life mission