The most promising supplements/small molecules for longevity

The current molecules most likely to work -

take rapamycin with grapefruit to increase concentrations ESP if you’re male (males get lower increase in rapamycin with any given dosage)


  • methylene blue might be one. does not work in ITP
  • carnosine/taurine (anti-glycation, helpful for vegans, unlikely to boost lifespan)
  • tumeric/curcumin + piperine. turmeric also can possibly chelate iron
  • creatine (for vegans). May reduce homocystine levels
  • 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid - a new metabolite for healthy lifespan extension ((June 2021) )
  • allicins (in onions)
  • sulforaphane (in broccoli sprouts) + activator
  • quercetin + datasinib [senolytics mostly only relevant for older ppl]
  • alpha ketoglutarate [only in older people, I expect effect size to be small]. Brian Kennedy says very safe, people have taken up to 10mg/day (or 2% of their entire diet)
  • low dose pan-mTOR inhibitors (Considering Pan-mTOR Inhibitors as Alternatives to Rapamycin – Fight Aging! )
  • iron chelators
  • cannabinoids (can clear amyloid plaque). more useful in older people
  • NMN/NAD+ (unlikely to boost lifespan, but many people are deficient so test for deficiencies and if you are take it). Health & Successful Aging w/ PROFESSOR BRIAN KENNEDY - YouTube says effects are weak at best, probably higher for healthspan

Vitamins/minerals to supplement:

  • Vitamin D (get levels at around 45-50 ng/dL)
  • folate (methyl donor, decreases all cause mortality). Associations Between 146 Nutrients and All-cause Mortality - General Health and Longevity - CR Society Forum
  • betaine/trimethylglycine, also methyl donor, decreases homocysteine
  • melatonin (decreases w/age and superpotent antioxidant that uniquely doesn’t even turn into a pro-oxidant after being oxidized)
  • manganese (also decreases mortality, but I’d be careful about metals that aren’t zinc)
  • magnesium (most people are deficient, it helps reduce calcium (neuro,mito)toxicity)

NAD+ is worth looking into but doesn’t boost lifespan

Experimental Small Molecules i’m most intrigued by XJB-5-131, deuterated PUFAs, and bendavia/SS-31. There are so few lifespan studies on this (or even just epigenetic age studies on it). Go encourage VitaDAO people to stockpile these for studies!!

DOI is a super-potent anti-inflammatory at low doses

Ones worth knowing about but which may not work:

cross-link breakers like ALT-711 and algebraiem


What Anti Aging Supplements Should I Take? My Top 5 - YouTube (has some good sources!)

If there’s a molecule whose chemical properties you know INTENSELY DEEPLY ON THE INSIDE (up to even electrophilicity/nucleophilicity/HOMO-LUMO diagrams of every location EVERYWHERE), what would it be?

for me the most impt molecules now are the polar amino acids (ESP lysine), all DNA bases (esp guanine), melatonin, ascorbic acid, dopamine, lutein (or general classes of carotenoids), methylene blue, 4-HNE, N(6)-carboxymethyl-L-lysine , MGO, glucosepane

also oxidized byproducts of dopamine