Which biohackers/quantified-self'ers do you like to follow?

Eg people who quantify everything about their body

Some examples include Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey, Brent Nally, Matthew Lake, Dean Pomerleau, Larry Smarr (Larry Smarr Archives - Quantified Self ), the canadian biohacker, and some more examples I’ll list later.

Dan Dascalescu started the original QS forums but they seem dead now, spiritually and emotionally. ;(

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Michael Lustgarten

Rob ter Horst

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I like found my fitness by Dr Rhonda Patrick

I don’t know if Ben Greenfields account was hacked or if he had just lost it but I saw him rant on social media once against social distancing and covid and unfollowed him. way too irresponsible for a influencer to say something like this in the middle of a pandemic that was killing thousands by the day …

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