What would a longevity grouphouse contain?

It would be the RATIONAL thing to do, b/c exposure to other longevity-interested people is the best way to increase longevity!

[I know one person who has a great arrangement, I need to film his place so he gets extra attention for this]

It would have…

  • ALL the spices (esp parsley, cinnamon, cloves, mulberry leaves, nestle leaves, curcumin, flavonoids, etc)
  • extra rapamycin/metformin/creatine [lowers homocysteine!] /taurine/carnosine/glucosamine/acarbose/canagliflozin/Vitamin D/folate/methylene blue
  • instant pot for cooking (not frying) vegetables
  • lots of miso (preferably not packaged in plastics)
  • LOTS of loose-leaf green tea
  • a large freezer to freeze nuts and other food so they don’t go rancid (I’ve visited someone who freezes ALL his nuts). All high-calorie food will take some extra effort to pry open (eg stored in special boxes)
  • reverse osmosis water filter (b/c tapwater has microplastics and other contaminants)
  • air purifiers (and ways to seal the windows shut so that traffic pollution doesn’t go in) and an air quality monitor
  • blood glucose testing kits
  • sterile lancets for those who want to test glucose/glycanage/NAD/ketones
  • tupperware NOT made of plastics or melamine (steel works great)
  • it would be WAY more than 300 yards away from major roadways (both for air pollution and noise pollution)
  • water flossers
  • standing desks with extra monitors for ergonomics
  • exercise equipment (especially weights), AND the type that gives you instant feedback
  • body composition weight scale (including the type that does impedance analysis)
  • preferably has non-carpeted floors (though air purifiers would be good enough)
  • walls would be full of posters containing biochemistry pathways
  • fermentation machine (for fermenting any food) => fermented soy products up longevity!
  • sauna

[this has to be made! the first will get media attention and scale up and make more people want to create these grouphouses!]

Being close to where important things get done matter, but British Columbia also ceremoniously needs a place simply b/c BC has lower pollution levels than almost anywhere

Also bookshelves of all the aging +sysbio + biochem books PLUS

  • aging, Oxidative Stress and Dietary antioxidants
  • books on herbs
  • Free Radicals
  • Tufts Levin recommended books
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I’m not sure if they see longevity the same way I do (or if their house is “scientific”) but worth looking into anyways.

Minicircle is gonna have a house in Roatan, Honduras next year. There’s a nearby GARM clinic that does exosomes…