What are your favorite longevity-related biomarkers?

Here’s one from CANanonymity:

-NMRs have 10 times less DHA in their mitochondrial membranes, which means a lower Peroxidizability Index then mice, they thus live 10 times longer (DHA Polyunsaturate 22:6 Omega3 is x320 times more peroxidizable than monounsaturate/saturate, it creates Havoc when ROS attack it, it is highly susceptible and renders membrane more fluid/watery/faster kinectic but more ‘fragile’ by its long chain (it’s why brain IQ and cognition is dependent on neuron mitochondria DHA levels - low DHA means lower IQ because slower neuronal firing by slower mitochondria membrane kinetic (less fluid membrane, more viscous waxy/more compact and riigid membrane - slow like a tank. To think your thoughts and act/react/reflex move, it needs to be Fast, Very, neuron count on a fluidizer like DHA, or EPA. Fluidizer yes, but very fragile, 320x more fragile and producing volatile far reaching lipid peroxidation chains ‘end products’. Just like AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-Products), here they are ALEs (Advanced Lipoxidation End-Products). Or, more specifically, Advanced Lipoperoxidation End-Products.
Humans also show low levels of liver mitochondrial DHA but not in their brain. It’s why they are protected, likewise in NMR.

cancer/inflammation markers (p53, p16, p21, TNF-a, INF-g, IL-6, IL-10, plasma isoprostanes, Carbonyls, C-Reactive protein, homocysteine



https://www.karger.com/Article/FullText/486870 (also ary goldberger)
Age-Related Changes in Electroencephalographic Signal Complexity

Moskalev, Alexey (Ed.) - Biomarkers of Human Aging (2019

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