Threads on repair enzymes and general repair (for endothelial cells/etc)

Retromer-dependent defects in the sorting of these cargos impair autophagy and chaperone-mediated-autophagy (Kaushik and Cuervo, 2012) and decrease the content of hydrolases in the lysosome lumen (Seaman, 2004; Kaushik and Cuervo, 2012; McMillan et al., 2017). These hydrolases are necessary for aggregate and damaged organelle disposal via autophagy pathways

The Segura Lab at Duke, $50,000, to continue work on materials that promote healthy tissue regrowth after stroke. They say their experiments are difficult to fund because regrowing dead brain tissue is a long shot that requires a lot of out of the box thinking and is hard to explain. If you want to learn more about their work, check out If you’re a stroke survivor and want to share your story, they’d like you to check out their Patient Connection page. They’re also looking for help spreading their ideas. If you have knowledge of both science and writing/visual communication, apply to work with them here; if you want to donate, you can do so here.