Sauna use impact on longevity?

Hi all!

Dr Rhonda Patrick is the go-to source for sauna-related research on longevity impact in her FoundMyFitness sauna topic.

Who else is sharing/compiling sauna :heavy_multiplication_x: longevity research?

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Hi Paul

I am also knee deep in the sauna research and its molecular, cellular, and physiological effects that arise to help mitigate the progression of aging and age-related diseases.

I am a complete “hormesis nerd”, so I’m also interested in the application of cryotherapy, various phytochemicals, and even hypoxia (to a certain extent).

I will be sure to post resources/notes soon and look forward to hearing more about your experience on these topics! Feel free to reach out -


Anyone know if infrared sauna provides additional benefits over traditional sauna? Would think possibly given the data on red light and NIR but could not find any research on this.

Also trying to find research on cataracts in sauna users.