[Review] Role of T cells in age-related disease


Just skim read the article. Great article! Adaptive Therapeutics is probably the leader in T cell repertoire sequencing and exploration. It’s good to be generally familiar with the concept.

Basically, there’s a section of the T cell receptor that differs from clone to clone. It’s the part of the receptor that binds to it’s specific target. Your T cell repertoire is all the clonotypes present and the relative number of cells of each type. While your repertoire is unique to you like a fingerprint, there are also patterns of changes that occur as you age, like reduced overall repertoire (total number of clonotypes present).

I’m going to have to read the article carefully. I hadn’t really thought about the impact of T cells on cardiovascular disease.

well today was really the final day where I filled in my knowedge gap about Treg, Thelper1, and Thelper17 cells. Immune Attack certainly didn’t help