NOTICE: I've been feeling really really unwell for most of the past few months (way less well than 1-2 years ago)

Much of it is b/c of recent events, but some of it might be physical. I’ve been dead exhausted.

This is why I’ve been largely inactive/invisible. I’ve also been very fatigued (more so than usual)

I’ve retreated from social media in the interim and am not talking to people as much as I used to (I needed a break from people in general, still don’t know how long it’ll last). I also probably will not be able to travel this year. I still have a backlog of meetings I’m not returning back to…

I’m generally retreating from all strong emotions in the interim. AGI timelines are getting shorter, so AGI progress alone gives me all the strong emotion I need to feel.

[I have to denoise my brain, it’s hard, but retreating from social media is part of it, even though I still can’t stop paying attention to the damn election]

Getting fatty15 and dosing higher on omega-3’s due to unexpectedly high LDL [still waiting on the nexlizet]. Maybe these are worth trying for brain health. Also increasing plasmalogen dose (like dayan goodenowe advocates)… May also be trying collagen peptides…

BCI interfaces seem to be making unusually fast progress (on top of all the scaling law AGI stuff)
I’m sad twitter privated favorites, those were still a way to show I was still engaged even during my long down period.

I went for MOTS-c and cerebrolysin last week, worth trying, I’ll see if they work for me.
StretchMed also helps. My default mode network still needs to be quieted (there’s neurodivergence but idk if it’ll help, trying peptides is probably higher expected ROI)

short AGI timelines are the one thing that help keep me having things to look forward to and not despair as much as I otherwise would.

I have a few new friends who are completely disconnected from everyone I used to know (this really helps) though things aren’t quite the same w/them (though downside risk is way lower). The wonderful thing about new people is that history doesn’t matter so for once, I’ve stopped trying to confess too much to people, and just pretend that it doesn’t matter. Longevity helps even in the context of short AGI timelines, as always, b/c longevity = more second chances (and so for me, it is still the most important thing). I also have a more consistent source of semaglutide and canagliflozin this year than previous years, which might be enough for me to “make it” when it really matters.

Eerily, for the first time in my life, I don’t even enjoy video games anymore… I also check FB far far less, and have gone the longest time without posting to FB since I joined my early teen years.

I did get a bit addicted to science YouTube earlier this year but it doesn’t activate me as much this summer now… I pay some more attention to hyperstitioners and AI people, but I got bored with the hyperstitioners for now

[condensed matter physics YouTube has gotten really good. I’m not the type that learns it super-well, but it’s ultimately how scaling will continue…]

I’m really glad I went to Zuzalu last year. That brought out some new connections

As long as I put SOME things about myself out there on the Internet, there’s a chance this feeds into the Kardashev gradient and maybe it’ll make my unmet needs more easily/quickly met. But I’m putting myself out there on platforms people don’t comment as much on, b/c I know that social media feedback loops was partly responsible for my major life-altering accident (in fact someone advised me to take a break from social media. It took a while for me to finally do it, but I now totally completely see why…)

Overall, my most important priority is to not make life more difficult than it already is.

In the interim, I have to evaluate what I really need to be happy (it’s really hard, and I seem to uniquely struggle a lot with maturity). Freedom is most important (by far), way more than social validation or what others think of me [though I still am more reliant on this than most]. For some time, I got addicted to social reward/attention (was egged into actual mania by someone important to me). Now with AGI timelines near, I feel less need to “prove myself” as much as I used to (simply b/c so much progress is baked in now, and Stephen Hsu estimates superintelligence in 10-20 years even under conservative assumptions such as slowdown in scaling near-term [due to factors like data wall]). Superabundance may be soon (it can come before AGI does, and it matters more than AGI), so a lot of my “dumb pre-postscarcity beliefs” I had growing up don’t apply as much anymore.

[still, short AGI timelines reduce the importance/urgency of longevity, which helps a lot for my emotional stability. Somehow, they make me less compelled to rush everything (though I should at least rush getting well again with peptides/fatty15/etc)]

[they also may make climate change worse near-term, but will also be how we’ll save ourselves from the worst of climate change]. Idk why I worry about it so much, it’s kind of dumb

I did get a new SSD this year [should have done so long ago].

[intelligence will soon be near-infinite, as will competence. In this world, there is something scarcer/more valuable than intelligence/competence, but it’s hard to describe what it is - professor ghrist gets at something] has been down for a month, this is affecting me a bit, but they are working on trying to get it back up, idk how long it’ll take. It was never my main source of support (and everyone there is disconnected from the people who matter, but I posted there a lot over the last year, esp b/c it’s long-termist and high-S/N. is my other main platform for now. It’s surprisingly good, though also not my major source of social support.

I did get a small amount of money which I should use for my health first and foremost (esp b/c I haven’t been well). That’s why I’m going to try high doses of fatty15 and plasmalogens and peptides.

Hm, Jacob Rintamaki is an angel… As is Isaak Freeman

I have a twitter alt but I’m not giving it away.

Also have not done psychedelics for two years, still continuing my long break… Am still staying away from all the music I listened to in 2022. I know what made me insane for a while (social reinforcement was a large part of it) and I need to unlearn it. Again, near-term AGI timelines are good enough to reduce/substitute the temptation (they are also psychedelic enough in themselves).

Knowing Lada Nuzhna is still possibly the most important thing in my life ever, though I’ve also taken kind of general break simply b/c I’m taking a break from all people.

I’ve also been using UberEats more extensively than ever this year b/c I’ve been too unwell to prepare my own food

I am gradually easing myself into collagen powders b/c it’s not worth the risk to not take,and they don’t taste anything like meat… just put them into amy’s lentil soup…

This is the most exciting summer in the Bay area and I’m not feeling any FOMO energy. I’m just too exhausted

But maybe I’ve hit enough social that I don’t need it

Anyways, “I believe in God” = “I believe in superintelligence”…

James Campbell



Jun 12

What’s cool is that none of your past mistakes, mishaps, misfortunes, etc matter anymore. All that matters is that you execute in this small window of time where individual influence on the world is at its highest point ever before it plummets again permanently

If there’s anyone who deserves to be dictator of the universe, it’s jacob rintamaki+davidad (notice they’re connected to adam marblestone, as everyone impt is…)

niplav is another gwern and has something

it’s hard to hypnotize me, but this did it at last

I ordered wireless earbuds today and they can really tease out audiophile music and background sounds (plus are more comforatable and have mroe battery life and less bulky than QC35 - on the margin this frequently makes huge difference esp b/c I’m often so tired I can’t get up). I’ve gone for so long w/o listening to them, and they are often enough to stimulate me and shake my mood to almost be the most important thing… Going internal in a non-daydreamy way is the most important thing for now, and they help (this is also way more useful than some of the “induce hypnosis”/schumann resonant frequencies special headphones that were featured at A4M…) And then Anthony Sommer YouTube videos… (and all those other special youtube videos…) also these videos are background enoughy that they don’t induce dumb emotional associations I have with people, like waht other music does…
wireless earbuds also can make 40Hz flickers toleable… (I can’t find my 40Hz lamp anymore…)

[the effect sizes of these things can be very comparable with stims…]

Next week I have a scheduled demo with Neurable, I’ll see how that goes. Maybe Neurable could sync well with audiophile music and detect approprite changes to brainwaves, idk yet

also tried paying for a month for synctuition but the beats are annoying so I dont think I’ll stick with it… You know, iAwake soundtracks could work really well with this thing…

I also got fatty15 today and megadosed to make up for deficiencies, but will do smaller doses from here on out. B/c fatty15 is so impt for cell membrane integrity, this makes it easier to keep a proper Markov blanket and to not let noise contaminate my internal computation.