Notes on nutrition of foods (esp the superfoods)

What are your favorite low(er) calorie, low calorie-per-volume-ratio, or appetite-suppressing foods? - #11 by AlexKChen - Rapamycin Longevity News has more (but other people’s shitty replies on top of it)

(I like convenience + low calorie density + ideally low plastic load)

Mike Lustgarten reports that only parsley and tomatoes decelerate epigenetic aging (coconut butter and dates accelerate it) - Physionic on Youtube reports on the evidence in favor of high MUFA/SFA ratio

Lentils (you can microwave dry lentils for 5 minutes) + add peppercorn which get softened. The “less soft”, the lower the GI (and better)

6 oz of is 12 tablespoons

Tomatoes/tomato sauce have LOTS of potassium (more than a banana) - this is huge given that potassium suppresses appetite, lowers BP, and seems to have no upper limit of effectiveness

150 micrograms

Natto is a Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans. It's high in many nutrients that promote good gut health and is the richest source of vitamin K2 available. One tablespoon of Natto contains **150 micrograms** of vitamin K2, about twice the recommended intake.

ON PESTICIDE residues… You can look up entries on What’s On My Food :: Pesticides on Green Beans but much of the data there is outdated, as the EPA has banned the use of the more neurotoxic pesticides on foods since this was released (Food and Pesticides | US EPA ). Eg use of acephate, methyl parathion, and formetanate have all been highly restricted, as has Chlorpyrifos since 2021… Evidence Mixed on Risks of Pesticide Residue on Produce . Canning/processing helps reduce pesticide residues. As of 2022 I am WAY more concerned with microplastics than I am about pesticides. | Harmful Pesticide Phaseout Calls Come as Some Countries’ Use Rises | The USA lags behind other agricultural nations in banning harmful pesticides | Environmental Health | Full Text


Individual Countries

Makedonia has keto cereal, France has ratatouille and loads of soft glassed vegetables [esp mushrooms and legumes pour couscous] that can easily be used as fast food [NOTE France having a longer lifespan than most countries], Finland has Bean-it. Most European countries have a wider diversity of fake meat than America. I hear Japan has lots of low-calorie seaweeds that help fill you up but I have yet to visit Japan.

lowest calorie density of any of the olives I’ve seen

but california olives has 165 calories per CAN of olives (which is SO LOW for such a food so high in MUFAs) and they tell me they are bpa-free. However, I just learned that canned olives have unusually high acrylamide levels

Eat natto (see this post); it suppresses fungi like Candida , and contains a unique polysaccharide called levan that selectively feeds Bacteroides and Lachnospiraceae. Eat apples like it’s your job. Beans are a good source of unique fibers, but fresh vegetables are really critical; get whole broccoli heads at the store, and slice the stems into the steamer along with the tops ; these “woody” bits contain lignin, another unique plant polysaccharide that’s not found in the soft leafy parts. A lot of the as-yet-uncultivated gut microbes that are protective against depression and mental illness are closely related to bacteria that require lignin for growth.


crocins in tomatoes:

I mean, as for superfoods, just choose some of the ones on this list, but obsessing too much over superfoods is not healthy either imo, but as part of an overall whole diet sure!

Just my 2 cents in a blue moon.