"Must-read" books on aging/longevity? (or exceptionally well-written articles that shold be counted as books)

Here are more, I’d presume all akin to Molecular and Cellular Biology of Aging by Vijg, Campisi and Lithgow. (I’ve not been able to get their book through my library system.)

  1. Models, Molecules and Mechanisms in Biogerontology by Pramod Rath (2019)
  2. Metabolic Aspects of Aging by Mary Ann Ottinger (2018)
  3. Molecular Basis and Emerging Strategies for Anti-Aging Interventions by Rizvi and Cakatay (2018)
  4. Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Ageing by Harris and Korolchuk (2019)
  5. Reviews on Biomarker Studies in Aging and Anti-Aging Research by Paul Guest (2019)

And, if you’re keen on methionine:

  1. Methionine Dependence of Cancer and Aging: Methods and Protocols by Robert Hoffman (2019)

I only have access to these with an account at the local university.

Good luck! I’ll keep watching this thread for more useful sources.

he just wrote a new book published this month