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I know william mair spoke of minicourses too

Don’t forget neurotech/BCI minicourses, TEM/AFM minicourses, and analytical chemistry/microfluidics/synthace ones. Many companies offer training to use their own products [NOTE: most aging biologists do not need these, but there is more uniqueness upside risk for some people them]

Michael Nielsen once said we should make the “basic course unit” smaller [which I fully agree with - it gives you more to sample what works really well with you (shittiness in semester-long biology courses is often highly correlated with shittiness in adjacent semester-long biology courses, making some biology majors end up hating biology when they didn’t need to - EXAMPLE HERE | I should have loved biology)]


2023 Neuropixels and OpenScope Workshop

In this workshop, participants will gain in-depth exposure to the tools and techniques used by the Allen Institute to collect in vivo physiology data at scale.

EMBO workshops, neuroscope workshops