List of aging-relevant bionumbers/basic units #FirstPrinciples


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Estimation of cell-specific plasma EV to cell ratio. (a) In healthy humans, plasma EVs are mainly derived from blood cells, and ∼41% is derived from the adaptive immune system cells (B, CD4, and CD8 cells), ∼23% from the innate immune system cells (monocytes, NK cells, and neutrophils), and ∼35% from non-immune blood cells (erythrocytes and platelets). The remaining <1% is derived from cells in solid organs. A more resolved distribution map is shown in Figure S1a. The relative abundances are shown in parentheses. (b) The total number of parental blood cells and their plasma EVs. The overall plasma EV/cell ratio is ∼2. Error bar represents the estimate’s standard deviation. (c) Plasma EV number versus cell abundance for human blood cell types. A graph with more resolved values for CD8 memory cells is shown in Figure S2a. Error bar represents the estimate’s standard deviation.

there are 10 trillion cells. getting an infusion of 10 billion exosomes is nothing…