Glycemic Response/Postmeal stuff/nutrition/triglycerides thread

#182 - Epidemic levels of metabolic dysfunction with Dr. Casey Means - YouTube (" Epidemic levels of metabolic dysfunction with Dr. Casey Means")

The 5 SURPRISING FOODS You Should Absolutely NOT EAT! | Casey Means & Dhru Purohit - YouTube (overly long: " Skipped through and according to this podcast grapes, oatmeal/oats, corn, sushi (soy sauce), soda, refined vegetable oils and açai bowls (because people throw in too many fruits, not because of the acai itself) and tomato products like pizza sauce are no go’s… " ] and | Six ways metabolic health affects longevity - Levels

Lipid Metabolism and Toxicity in the Heart - PMC => MORE ON LIPIDS (triglycerides might not be that bad, fat droplets MIGHT form)

Free-roaming Fats, Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, and the Effects of AGEs

Several common symptoms of metabolic disorders, which often exacerbate each other, could also accelerate cognitive decline.

  • Dyslipidemia
    Dyslipidemia is an imbalance in the various fats found roaming in the blood. Triglycerides become particularly elevated in metabolic syndrome and have been associated with cognitive impairment. In mice, these fats crossed the blood-brain barrier and triggered leptin and insulin resistance, which increased appetite and reduced cognition. Lowering their blood triglycerides reversed these effects, presenting a potential path to alleviate cognitive impairment and improve weight loss in people with obesity.

well fuck, I had elevated TGs after a panel. I eat SO many MUFAs that I wonder if it’s a concern…

Similarly, cholesterol ratios like triglycerides-to-HDL have been shown to potentially be a better gauge of health risk than LDL cholesterol levels alone

  1. Your ratio of triglycerides
    to HDL should be no greater than 4, which can indicate insulin resistance if elevated

tactful postprandial exercise - Exercising Tactically for Taming Postmeal Glucose Surges - PMC

omg all the control systems here Continuous Controller for Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Delivery