Genes that go up/down with age

  1. It has been widely reported that aging is accompanied by loss of heterochromatin and activation of
  2. 76 constitutively repressed genes [19, 23]. Indeed, the mean signal of all three repressive histone modifications has
  3. 77 a negative Pearson’s correlation (r) with age (Figure 2d), with H3K9me3 (Pearson’s r = -0.35, p-value = 9.7e-9)
  4. 78 and H3K27me3 (Pearson’s r = -0.24, p-value = 4.9e-5) reaching significance. Likewise, the mean signal of all
  5. 79 three activating histone marks has a positive Pearson’s correlation with age, with H3K4me3 (Pearson’s r = 0.2,
  6. 80 p-value = 1.7e-4) reaching significance. The mean signal of H3K4me1 barely changes with age, with Pearson’s
  7. 81 r of only -0.01. Our results add to the evidence from several previous studies indicating loss of heterochromatin
  8. 82 with aging.