Communities/forums/online communities in geroscience/aging (or upstream - eg more general biology/neuroscience/compbio)

For most biology people, the most useful communities are not in longevity/aging, but rather, in more general biology areas [eg DNA Deviants, Bits in Bio, or NeurotechX]. A lot of the longevity communities seem to attract a certain kind of groupthink (and people clustered in them often “seem to be the same person”)

  • The biggest is Twitter (perhaps tragically), simply because ALL the scientists use it. You just have to know who to follow (there are lists…). Some neurotech people (eg Tomas Roy) have their own communities, but it doesn’t have the traction
  • ODLB1 slack - and its followup Has the highest concentration of scientists people in the area. If you’re into science/research or general biology (rather than slowing your aging rate [tragically, the overlap of both of these communities is often just me]), the best groups (with the smartest/most resourceful people) are the more general biology/chemistry groups - Bits in Bio Slack, DNA Deviants, NeurotechX, Nucleate, SynBioBeta [not so much longevity], and Foresight [and perhaps the AI groups like MILA-Quebec or M2D2]) AND Programs | Speculative Technologies
  • (progress studies is very aligned with longevity [upstream of it], and some, like Adam Marblestone, are in both). A good place to just dump everything on even if there is little activity on it now
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    More directly focused longevity communities (there’s groupthink, people are not as resourceful as, say, Sam Rodriques)

For Neurotech communities,, NeurotechX slack, discords for myelin/human augmentation/etc… [neither are well-populated]

Other places

  • Aubrey de Grey’s old Facebook wall (still has many people. but mot really worth reading anymore()
  • Bay Area Anti-aging meeting (also the old meetups karl pfleger and foresigh tinstitue arranged)
  • Ben Goertzel’s singularitynet and the ecosystem around him
  • RAADfest
  • the community around Peter Diamandis
  • About Us | Brains@Play
  • (celebrity health gossip, not aging, but like, they track the health of older people so it could be relevant at some point). Similar with

There are lots of Russian communities too (they tend to be “more interesting” - very orthogonal but also more BS content)

Stephen Price seems to be around a lot of them

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I found out there is a Longevity wiki group and their Discord.

Biology/neuroscience-related: (for neuro)
NeurotechX slack (one of the most active) (barely active, discourse forums cost money and may die anytime)
Bits in Bio slack (this is the highest quality and has broadest range of people)
DNA Deviants slack (self-starters)
LessWrong is worth following if only b/c it is ultra-broad and has a few longevity longposts there (some people in the community were interested before it became AI-risk) (this has SOME quantified-self-ish content_)

brainhack and neurofeedback communities

Self-testing/guinea pig communities include reddit’s Nootropics, reddit’s Drugnerds, Longecity…

MILA has a slack too (scaling laws). B/c AI/neuro is “upstream of everything…” Also there’s a RL discord.

Avogadro Discussion (probably won’t help most people, but comp chem IS useful for drug leads and modeling damaged proteins)