Cognitive/psychological tests to take

To measure sensory gating directly, the researchers didn’t rely on behavior, even unconscious behavior. Instead, they measured the effects of electrical stimulation on the right median nerve. They stimulated the nerve in the same way twice and analyzed how it reacted both times. The comparison between these two reactions is called the gating ratio. A lower gating ratio is almost always better, as it means that the redundant stimulus is being naturally, automatically filtered out.

The results

Both stress and aging were found to be predictive of a high gating ratio, although in different ways. People who live stressful lives did not respond as much as the average person to the first stimulus, although they responded as much during the second. People who are suffering from accelerated aging respond as much as the average person to the first stimulus, but they have greater responses during the second. Both of these phenomena lead to the same outcome in this study: a higher gating ratio.


The researchers then used an intensive testing system to analyze the test participants’ cognitive abilities. Interestingly, some parts of brain function were not linked to gating ratio: executive function and motor skills. Processing speed was only slightly affected. However, learning, memory, and attention were all significantly, negatively affected by a high gating ratio, which concurs with the results of a previous study [2].

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