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“On the DAMP concern, there will prob. be emerging imaging instrument solutions to guarantee integrity at least pre-injection, but good paper…”

Xenotransplanted Human Cortical Neurons Reveal Species-Specific Development and Functional Integration into Mouse Visual Circuits - ScienceDirect (popsci: )


telomere transfer -

human neuron transfer to rats -

mitochondria into patients diagnosed with diseases that are characterized by mitochondrial dysfunction. These approaches include peptide-mediated mitochondrial delivery [332], cell-cell fusion [335], co-culture [236], microinjection [336], photothermal nanoblade [337], and import of mitochondria via liposome-modified RNA import complex [338].

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Targeting Strategies
for Tissue-Specific Drug Delivery

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Maria Ermolaeva


Study describes a nanofluidics method, which allows transplantation of mitochondria between living cells. Transferred mitochondria fuse successfully to the host cells mitochondrial network. Future mitochondrial transfer therapy??
Mitochondria transplantation between living cells
Mitochondria and the complex endomembrane system are hallmarks of eukaryotic cells, but it has proved difficult to manipulate organelle struc



Research on mechanisms that regulate the genesis and transport of lysosomal enzymes has improved cell transplanta­tion and enzyme replacement therapies

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stem-cell-derived EVs… THIS has A LOT of potential (even decreasing epigenetic age)

Transport of Extracellular Vesicles across the Blood-Brain Barrier: Brain Pharmacokinetics and Effects of Inflammation - PMC → exosomes across BBB

STEM CELL INJECTIONS => lifespan (kovina et al 2019, russian research) -

Turns out T cells can acquire telomerase from antigen-presenting cells and escape senescence!

Fascinating new anti-aging mechanism used by the immune system for long-lasting protection