ALL the creative ways of suppressing appetite for intermittent fasting

zero-calorie ways (for intermittent fasting)

  • capsaicin/chili peppers
  • psyllium husk fiber/oat fiber
  • 1-2 day video game marathons (make sure non-addictive). I didn’t eat for 1.5 days after playing Tropico 6/SimCity this year [and I only played each once]
  • sparkling water (for some people). be careful about microplastics
  • stimulants like coffee/tea(gyokuru tea leaves are edible and don’t make you pee more), caffeine+modafinil combo. Ritalin/Adderall count too, but have higher liabilities.
  • nicotine lozenges (unfortunately, this led to a career-ending overdose when I could have just acclimatized myself to small amounts of Adderall)
  • EDM (or stimulating music in general)
  • apple cider vinegar
  • REALLY strong/pungent spices of other kinds, like cloves. Snack on these spices a little bit at each time (I sometimes snack on rosemary)
  • meditation (most people are not skilled enough for this, but try it)
  • get some pungent spices like cloves, red pepper, rosemary. Sometimes I just snack on cloves when I’m hungry…

low-calorie ways (for CR)

  • cucumbers/carrots (very easy to eat, very cheap, don’t take preparation time). Obvs all the vegetables count, and cucumbers/carrots are not remotely as phytochemical rich as kale. Carrots increase glucose more than other vegetables, but the increase is only a tiny fraction as bad as what happens with bread
  • green onions (pungent enough to suppress appetite more than the avg vegetable!)
  • eat a small bunch of almonds, then WAIT/distract self/eat LOADS of vegetables on top of it (vegetables don’t seem QUITE filling enough by themselves). MAKE SURE abundant supplies of vegetables/cherry tomatoes are available AT ALL TIMES to prevent self from binge-eating nuts/avocados [though MUFAs are healthier to binge-eat than any other food - i had CRP of 0.03 one day after binge-eating 2500 calories of almonds]
  • cherry tomatoes/strawberries (calorie density of vegetables, and incredibly good to taste]. obvs all the vegetables count, but each has friction associated with it, and cherry tomatoes have ZERO FRICTION
  • salsa/mustard as dressings
  • mushroom broth (tastier than water) - . the tastiness made me take supplements like creatine more too
  • almond/macademia milk! Make sure they’re low-calcium…

no, please don’t (included for completeness)

  • fenfluramine, 2-DNP (no, please don’t). included for completeness. There are 2-DNP analogues being developed now, FYI

Caffeine meets the no calorie aspect but ends the organ rest. Might be a minor thing.

I’ve done no breakfast (most days) for decades so it just seems natural to me to not eat until lunch. I briefly did the “load up on protein early” (Tim Ferris eating method) but it didn’t stick due to habit of no breakfast. I think there are advantages to his approach from a weight loss standpoint but I think eliminating breakfast has more advantages.

For both:
Workouts (blood glucose gets elevated)

For IF:
Eating one meal a day consistently. Your stomach doesn’t feel well if you break out of this cycle after some time and you don’t want to

Another low calorie way that works for me is adding little bit of heavy cream and some MCT oil to my coffee.

Electrolyte supplementation (I like Nuun lemon flavor) also helps stave off hunger! Sometimes the body just needs salt and it’s not necessarily hungry.

But really, semaglutide is easy enough to get today (and I have failed so hard to control calories…)

I don’t gain weight, nor does anything show up in the 1st-generation blood tests, but there are other subtle effects in more sophisticated blood tests… that show, and are scary.