Access to old Coursera courses like Epigenetics and Intermediate OChem and Programmed Cell Death from 2014/2015?

Does anyone have access to those? Those were LITERALLY the best (especially the exercises) and Coursera doesn’t offer them anymore.

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Some videos to jeffrey moore ochem courses - [but the problem sets/exercises were really the best, and some are missing]…

Programmed Cell Death - 6 1 Lecture 1 Summary so far 4 14 - YouTube

Look at Coursera - Archiveteam. XLS list here - Coursera Old Stack Courses (List Organized by Class Central) - Google Sheets . They’re missing Intermediate OChem and Epigenetics. Exercise physiology is there (it’s great)

The ones that are really valuable:

some remnants here - CHEM232Fa12.html

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Following. And if anyone has any other MOOCs or courses they like, send 'em here!

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I have some old files I can upload to a server (also we need a shared server to upload things/documents to - IMPORTANT FOR THE SHARED MISSION and reducing inferential distance).

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Maybe we could start with Google Drive with a backup to Backblaze or Amazon S3 (glacier).

we need a collective drive; i’m about to run out of space on google drive anyhow

I sent you a link. Anyone else who wants upload access email me at

Here is the link to view the folder:

Lindsay @ODonLongevity is awesome and uploaded the videos she has from Coursera’s Epigenetics course 2015. Thanks, Lindsay!!!

Check the Google Drive. Longevity Base - Google Drive

Okay yay! I think we should also include scraped copies of old aging websites to the longevity base (including pages of startups that failed) so we don’t suffer from link rot (ideally we’d have a system as robust as gwern’s)

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