A defamatory video regarding Aubrey de Grey? Context?

This appears on the first page when you search youtube for “Aubrey de Grey” and sort by view count:
“How Aubrey de Grey fooled the World” (2007, 38K views).

Can anyone provide a context to this clip?

The uploader has only put this in the description: “Aubrey de Grey misled the world about his position at Cambridge university.”. The narrator in the video claims the called the “Cambridge Department of Genetics” and “Aubrey’s boss” Prof. Michael Ashburner answers the phone, the latter making quite a few accusations.

Aubrey seems to (assuming it’s not someone else posting under his name) have responded to this here: Aging is a software bug – Daniel Lemire's blog
The response doesn’t really clarify much, “These falsehoods were invented by my ex-boss, Prof. Michael Ashburner…Why he decided to defame me remains mysterious”

How could a Cambridge unversity professor so easily defame an someone who used to “hold a research post” in the same university, with no legal or procedural consequences? Doesn’t really add up.